A little guidance can go a long way. Say you still want to take care of everything on your own, but need help tying up the loose ends. The final months before your wedding are crucial. During this time a lot will be finalized and confirmed, and a lot of checks will be written. Your vendors will require a lot of information from you at this point; all the while you have a lot of your own going on, including a lot of fun and exciting things like wedding showers, possibly moving, and let's not forget bachelor and bachelorette parties! In order to serve you best, I want at least two months to prepare everything and ensure the smoothest and best day possible for you! With this package you will gain access to my recommended vendor lists, and have me as a resource along the way for any vendor or planning advice you need before I officially step in.

  • We will have 2 formal meetings

  • I will ​coordinate with all of your vendors

  • I will assist with any design and/or planning decisions that are remaining

  • I will Create and enforce a full wedding day timeline

  • I offer to run errands the week of your wedding as needed

  • I assist with full set-up and tear-down of venue space

  • I will manage rehearsal 

  • I will coordinate the full wedding day start to finish 

  • I assist with load up and clean up at the end of the night  

  • I bring at least 1 day-of assistant with me

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What we offer

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Looking for even more help? Maybe you aren't a DIY Bride, and maybe you don't enjoy the idea of planning your own wedding at all? Maybe you have dreamed of this perfect and beautiful wedding and want to make sure it is absolutely everything you have imagined? Maybe your family isn't going to be much help? Maybe you have no idea where to even start? Whatever the reason, its ok, you have help! Weddings are intimidating, and a BIG task to take on; that's why there are professionals, like myself, to help you! I offer a FREE initial consultation to get to know you, allow you to get to know me, and to discuss what it would look like for me to join you in your wedding planning journey.

From finding the perfect venue for your needs, to matching you with the best vendor team, to creating and keeping you within budget, to scheduling cake tastings, and everything in between, I'm your girl! I jump in as soon as you book with me and am your right hand man.  I love my job, but I love it most when I get to be involved as much as possible!

I have a passion for upscale and premiere events. This is where I find I can maximize my potential as I strive to create luxurious experiences for my couples!

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