About  Me

Hey there! I'm Allie Coode, the one behind events by Allie. I am a Bowling Green, KY native, born and raised! My wedding planning journey started out by volunteering at local venues here in Bowling Green while I was still in college, but I had big plans to move to Nashville TN, after graduating to become a wedding planner there. I found a home in the wedding planning business that taught me everything I know. I spent 4 years learning at one of the most accredited venues, not just in Nashville, but in the country! As time went on, I met the love of my life, got married, plans and dreams changed, and it became my hearts true desire to come back home to Bowling Green. After being molded into the wedding planner I am now, I can share my love and passion for this job with couples right here in my hometown. However, not planning a wedding in Bowling Green, KY? No problem, this wedding planner will travel!!

Fun Facts:

I'm loud. My whole life I've had to be reminded of my volume.

I get excited easily, and quickly, about everything. 

People give me energy.

I'm obsessed with sweets, and sushi. 

I could bake all day and be 100% content.

I have promised myself I will never grow up.

I'm convinced I'm the only person in the world that hates the beach.

Take me to Disney World any day.

I got engaged in the pouring rain. It was magical.

I will never say no to playing a game. Any kind.

I'm spontaneous. The best moments in life are often never planned.

Except weddings.