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Nashville Wedding

About Me

Hey there! I'm Allie Coode, the one behind Events by Allie.

I am a Bowling Green, KY native, born and raised! My wedding planning journey started out by volunteering at local venues here in Bowling Green while I was still in college, but I had big plans to move to Nashville. I found a home there in the wedding planning business that further lit the fire in my heart for all things weddings. 


As time went on, I met the love of my life, got married, plans and dreams changed, and we moved back home to Bowling Green. After being molded into the wedding planner I am now, I can share my love and passion for this job with couples across the country.

Nashville Wedding

Why wedding planning?

It is truly my passion. It makes me excited, and gives me purpose!


I am a very joyful person, and I love to bring joy to all those around me. Weddings are all about joy and love and happiness, and I do my best to further exaggerate all those emotions!

Nashville Wedding

Fun Facts:

I'm loud. My whole life I've had to be reminded of my volume.

I get excited easily, and quickly, about everything. 

People give me energy.

I'm obsessed with sweets, and sushi. 

I have promised myself I will never grow up.

Take me to Disney World any day.

I got engaged in the pouring rain. It was magical.

I will never say no to playing a game. Any kind.

I'm spontaneous. The best moments in life are often never planned. Except weddings.​


Talking through all the details is where I thrive. Being able to take all the information and execute it in the best way possible is like a puzzle that I am committed to solving.


My main goal is always to relieve your stress and make sure I give you peace of mind. I want to make sure you trust me, and are confident that I will take care of everything. 

Let's be friends

As your wedding planner or coordinator, I become your friend, and the relationship we share is special. We build a trust that I hold dear and respect. I am constantly making sure you are okay, you have what you need, you aren't forgetting something, and that your nerves are at ease.


It is my job to take control of your day as a whole, making sure everyone else is in their place, and things are on schedule - but it is also my job to make you a priority!

No matter what, I care most about making sure you are happy! I take pride in making sure your wedding is everything you have dreamed of, and more, and that you don't miss one second of it!

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Nashville Wedding
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